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J Block

Falls Church, VA


Job Well Done

Well done! Everything moved right on schedule and worked out! I worked with very good people that were very helpful. This was my investment property and I was tired of the headache of being a landlord. It seemed like I was paying more and more into the house because of repairs that kept popping up. That and I wanted to avoid paying taxes by doing a 1031 exchange. I found a great exchange property and felt the time was right to contact House Buyers of America. I received a satisfactory offer on my house and was able to complete the exchange without any issues. I would definitely recommend House Buyers to anyone looking to sell directly and avoid putting your house on the market.

G Nolan

Sterling, VA


Easily Done

I decided to become an investor and buy a fixer upper townhouse. I was young, doing well work wise, and thought it would be an opportune time to begin flipping properties. Then, the bottom fell out of the market. Suddenly my realty business was harder and much less lucrative than I had planned. I had sold my condo and had moved into the new townhouse in hopes of building sweat equity while renovating; but with the market’s down turn I chose to pretty much upgrade only what needed fixing. After living there 10 years, the market had rebounded, I had married plus was on the verge of adding to my family. The townhouse still needed work and was really too small so I decided to sell it. I tried the normal approach by listing it myself, but none of the offers were anywhere near what I wanted. At this point, I searched for other ways to sell and saw your TV ad and decided to call. Within minutes I was talking with a sales associate and we came to “sight unseen terms”. I had been brutally honest with him and after your inspection, we agreed to move forward with the sale. Within a couple weeks we had closed and I saw the beautiful renovations you did. Thank you for your help and for making it easy. I’ve told others in my position to give you guys a call.

Darryl C W

Baltimore, MD


Thanks For Being So Great!

After having a heart attack which led to an extensive stay in a rehab facility, I knew time wasn’t on my side. I was old and had no family in the immediate area to help care for me or the property in which I lived. Once I was back on my feet – literally – I was told I would need a double hip replacement. It was at this point I decided I had to get rid of my house and downsize. Yes, I had a guy to cut my grass in the summer and shovel my walk in the winter; but those were expenses I really didn’t need. On top of those I would need a nurse aka old man sitter plus a maid / cook because well all the nurses I interviewed made it clear they didn’t do housework or even light cooking. I soon made the decision to downsize and move into an assisted living apartment type complex. I figured they could worry about their own yard and shoveling while I worried about my health. I got a letter from House Buyers of America and decided to give you guys a call. My representative was nice and before I knew it, he was knocking on my door and presenting me with a ratified contract. What’s more, I only packed what I wanted to keep and made arrangements for your company to haul off all the rest. It was as simple as 1 2 3 and as easy as A B C. House Buyers took on the burden of renovations while I moved on with my life. Now that I’m recuperated I’m out and about (a little slower than I used to be) and enjoying life. Thank you House Buyers for being so great!

Barbara MacKenzie

Reisterstown, MD


Awesome Customer Service

I had a great experience with House Buyers. I based all my decisions on customer service and the ease of working with their experts. Your team made the process smooth and as painless as possible. Selling a house is a major deal that requires a lot of paperwork but you all assisted me every step of the way in understanding the entire process and explaining the terms to me. After recently deciding to relocate and sell my house, I knew my needs were to get everything accomplished sooner rather than later. While I was initially hesitant to use House Buyers, I found one person in particular to be beyond fantastic. His personality was a perfect match for me as he was kind, patient, and tackled all my concerns quite effortlessly. He truly went over and above with every movement through the settlement channels we took. His knowledge of the market and industry helped what could have been a very difficult and long transaction to run smoothly at every turn. Because of these traits you have in your employees, I found working with the sales and settlement teams to be rewarding. No one was never cranky even when I repeatedly asked questions, even though they had previously answered them. I was most impressed with the knowledge and experience your people have. Any issue that I brought up they had a solution waiting in the wings which simply gave me more confidence in my decision to use your service. It was a quick turnaround from the time I contacted House Buyers to the time they returned my call and got my information. Your performance throughout the entire process was consistently handled with courtesy and provided complete peace of mind at all times. When you promised a quick settlement, you meant it and delivered right on time!

Roseanne Kapidia

Fort Washington, MD


Inherited Property

Due to an inheritance I was able to retire early but being still young I wanted to move on to the next stage of my life. My parents had several properties in the DC area and when my father passed all of the upkeep, rentals, and such fell on me since I was the sole heir being their only child. One condo in particular was extremely dated. It needed modernizing. Lots and lots of modernizing. Personally, I just didn’t want to deal with it. I knew the time had come for me to make some changes and selling was best way to go. I searched online and came across House Buyers’ info. After discovering your Better Business Bureau, A+ Rating, I decided to peruse your company’s website too. I found other properties you had renovated by scrolling through your many photos. I was greatly encouraged to see several homes similar to what I needed to sell. My parents were always skeptical, and I definitely inherited that gene. Due to my suspicious nature, I was looking for loopholes. How much updating was too much updating? What about your slogan of “real estate done easy”? Was that for real? Or was it just something you said to get your hooks into potential sellers? The real estate consultant was very pleasant to work with. It was exciting for me to sweep out the condo, wipe down the counters, and knock the dust off my shoes while not letting the door hit me on the way out. Thanks House Buyers. It was a pleasure.

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